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Why Partner with an International Machine Shop in Mexicali, Mexico?

Domestic manufacturing services can offer numerous advantages when compared to offshoring. However, an international American manufacturer with highly efficient production capabilities in Mexico can significantly increase the  benefits for  your project. 

At Vescio, we aim to combine the advantages of both onshoring and nearshoring in order to deliver the leanest, most efficient and cost-effective custom machining services. That is why we operate a full-service CNC machine shop in Mexicali, Mexico, in addition to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Santa Fe Springs, California and Morton Grove, Illinois.

The Advantages of Combining Our American Manufacturing Services with Our Mexicali Machine Shop

Minimizing Your Costs While Maintaining Quality

Having all of your products machined in the United States  is an enticing proposition, but one that is unfortunately cost-prohibitive for many projects. By integrating our two domestic manufacturing facilities with our nearshore machine shop in Mexicali, Vescio is able to keep your costs low without compromising on the consistency of your products.

Due to Mexico’s close proximity to California, we are able to have some of our most highly qualified machinists train our Mexicali employees. This team also  oversees Vescio’s most complex nearshore CNC machining projects.

The entire streamlined process helps ensure superior craftsmanship with every product along with the ongoing success of your project. Essentially, we are able to deliver American manufacturing quality, customer service, and responsiveness, all at the price point of offshoring.

Setting up such an operation in the Far East is not nearly as seamless and efficient, nor as reliable for your long-term supply chain.

A Simplified Supply Chain

Many of the cost advantages of nearshoring can be achieved through offshoring your production to China or other Eastern and Southeast Asian countries. So what’s the benefit of a machine shop in Mexico compared to a provider in the Far East? The major advantage is a simplified, more robust supply chain.

As shown by the last few years of supply chain disruptions and the COVID-19 pandemic, overseas shipments can unexpectedly grind to a halt. Moreover, shipping costs can suddenly skyrocket and completely consume your budget. Vescio’s machine shop in Mexicali enables us to remain cost-competitive while keeping a close eye on quality and not succumbing to the complications of overseas shipping.

Our Mexicali, Mexico CNC Machining Facility – Over 15 Years of Quality

Since 2006, our machining facility in Mexicali, Mexico has delivered exceptional manufacturing results on par with our two domestic locations. Our Mexicali machine shop’s equipment and highlights include:

  • 15,000 Square-Foot Facility
  • 25+ Highly Qualified Employees
  • 7 Vertical CNC Milling Machines
  • 2 Horizontal CNC Milling Machines
  • 8 CNC Turning Lathes

Just like Vescio’s state-of-the-art machine shops in California and Illinois, our Mexicali enterprise is staffed by a team of highly trained, skilled, and dedicated craftsmen who are ready to provide the precision your project requires.