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Specialized Thread Cutting and Grinding Services

Formerly known as Vescio Threading, we retain our industry-leading expertise in thread cutting and reworking difficult or custom threads. If your application requires custom thread cutting or thread grinding capabilities, Vescio can accommodate your project with our traditional Cridan threading lathes or advanced CNC thread cutting solutions.

Our Thread Cutting and Grinding Capabilities and Experience

  • 2 Cridan Thread Cutting Lathes
  • 3 Ex-Cell-O Thread Grinders

An Overview of the Cridan Threading Machine Process

Cridan threading lathes are highly specialized pieces of traditional metalworking equipment. Automatically clocked with a pick-off gear and cam system, these fully mechanical machines accurately grind the surface of cylindrical metal parts while automatically cutting a thread into the workpiece.

Though Vescio has far more advanced, precision-capable CNC grinding and threading machines at our disposal, our Cridan lathes are still a practical and cost-efficient solution for many specialized threading applications.

Vescio Manufacturing is one of the industry’s most experienced modern machine shops in the utilization of traditional Cridan threading lathes. A number of our head machinists bring over 40 years of Cridan machining expertise to the table, while simultaneously being some of the most skilled and capable CNC machinists in the industry.

Custom Thread Cutting and Grinding Solutions

Founded in 1947 as a specialized threading service provider, Vescio remains one of the West Coast’s premier manufacturers offering precision thread cutting and thread grinding solutions. As an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer, precision quality is threaded into every metal product produced in our state-of-the-art facilities.

grinding a threaded shaft on a circular grinding machine with sparks

Thread Grinding

Cridan Machine

Get in touch to learn more about how Vescio has remained an industry leader in specialized thread cutting and grinding services since 1947.