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Precision Swiss Machining Services

Vescio’s full-service CNC turning department offers Swiss machining capabilities utilizing Star lathes with 12’ bar feeders and a max bar diameter of 32mm. Our versatile Swiss turning services are optimized for custom machining projects that require small, precision cylindrical components with close-tolerance, geometrically complex designs. Delivering the utmost in production quality, consistency and efficiency, our Swiss machining department is the ideal solution for your high-volume, difficult-to-manufacture CNC parts.

The Advantages of Vescio’s Swiss Turning Capabilities

Our Swiss CNC turning department is equipped to tackle high-volume, complex cylindrical machining projects with the speed and consistency that your precision products deserve.

Flexible Custom Design Solutions

Swiss turning equipment offers the ability to machine complex cylindrical parts which would otherwise be too complicated, or prohibitively expensive, to produce with other conventional machining solutions.

Material Versatility

Vescio’s cutting-edge Swiss machining equipment is capable of turning parts from a wide range of materials, including virtually all metals as well as PEEK and other engineering plastics.

Minimal Deflection During Machining

Swiss turning machines are designed such that there is minimal distance between the cutting tool and workpiece support. As a result, the workpiece is subjected to less bending, which minimizes deflection of the cutting tool against the part surface. This allows for consistent close-tolerance machining operations.

High-Volume Manufacturing Efficiency

Our Swiss machining equipment requires minimal operator involvement after the part is loaded and set up. Our equipment utilizes multiple cutting tools and spindles which in many applications can be configured to produce a near-net-shape product within a single pass.

Efficient Swiss CNC Turning Solutions for Your High-Volume Project

Swiss machining services are just one of the precision manufacturing solutions offered through Vescio’s flexible, full-service CNC machine shop. As an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified domestic manufacturer, we are committed to providing complete, quality-focused CNC machining capabilities to accommodate the custom requirements of your project. From prototype development to high-volume production runs, Vescio is your one-stop-shop for superior machining solutions.

Get in touch with our team of machining experts to discover more about the superior production flexibility offered through Vescio’s Swiss machining services.