Mexicali Facility Creates Custom Chess Sets

In a first for Vescio Manufacturing, our team has created its own custom product: chess sets. Greg Vescio has always been interested in doing something like this, but there were always other priorities. Then the COVID-19 crisis unfortunately severely impacted our Mexicali Facilities' workload, and this project became a way to utilize our facility during this difficult time.

A classic, complex game like Chess is an interesting way to experience the capabilities of precision manufacturing in an everyday setting. Not quite your ordinary chess set, these pieces are made out of industry-grade 6061 Aluminum and machined with the extreme precision that is the norm for aerospace. The pieces are perfectly identical, without blemish, and colored by anodizing the metal to aerospace specifications so it will never fade. They were designed in-house by our own Quentin Nelson with input from Greg Vescio, before being programmed for manufacturing by Mexicali's Jose Escoto and manufactured there.

While the project is primarily meant for our facility and employees, our chess sets are also for sale in limited quantities. Please see below for details.

Chess sets are for sale for $1,250.00 each.  Available colors include Red, Green, Black, Blue Silver, and Gold. Please email with any inquiries.