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Mexicali, Mexico – Precision Machining Services

In addition to operating two of America’s premier domestic CNC machining facilities, Vescio offers international manufacturing capacity and truly world-class capabilities through our Mexicali, Mexico-based machine shop.

Expanding Our Manufacturing Arm to Mexico

The word “International” in Vescio Manufacturing International means a lot to our California-based company. After all, international expansion is a rare achievement for a domestic machining company of our size.

Throughout the 1990s, China’s manufacturing industry became increasingly competitive. Like many domestic American manufacturers, the leaders at Vescio were brainstorming ways to compete and win the work back.

Though it was an ambitious and initially daunting concept, we decided that Mexico presented a great opportunity to compete with China’s (artificially) cheap labor market. Mexico has good infrastructure (especially Mexicali), much cheaper labor than the US, and unlike China, close proximity to our California facility.

Keeping Our Manufacturing Services Close to Home

Perhaps the most attractive quality in choosing Mexico is its very long history of manufacturing operations along the border, with the traditional Maquiladora system now boosted by NAFTA. The US also has a lot of cultural affinity with the nation and it is easy to find not only Spanish speakers, but individuals with Mexican heritage here in Southern California, allowing us to send our experienced machinists there to live on the border and work full-time training employees and supervising the manufacturing operations. This allowed for a much more seamless integration and start-up process than Southeast Asia or China itself would have allowed.

15,000+ Square Feet of Production Space Staffed by 25+ Machinists and Craftsmen

Our 15,000 square foot facility with over 25 employees in Mexicali, Mexico has been our home since 2006 and continues to undergo rapid growth along with the US facilities. The CNCs are all the same brand, Okuma, making training easier and giving all the machines the same controls and ability to hold incredibly tight tolerances.

The building is shared with Dameron Alloy Foundries, known as Dafmex in Mexico, a company which shares our vision and goals for success making it easy for us to co-exist. Dameron has been a foundry since 1946, older than us by one year, and is extremely well run and organized with facilities in Compton, Kentucky and of course Mexicali.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Vescio receives many inquiries regarding our production capabilities for jobs we can run in Mexicali. Since jobs are on average 30% cheaper to run in Mexico, manufacturing your eligible parts in our Mexicali facility is a great cost-saving advantage for your project.

Due to the nature of the regulations, ITAR parts are out of the question for Mexicali production. However, virtually all other commercial jobs are eligible to be sent to Mexico. Our Mexicali machine shop offers nearly all of the same CNC machining services and capabilities that we do at our Santa Fe Springs manufacturing facility, so there is no compromise in quality, consistency, or responsiveness.

CNC Machining Equipment

For machining, our Mexicali facility is currently equipped with:




See our Santa Fe Springs and Chicago Facility pages for information on our CNC machining equipment and services offered at those facilities.

Team Mexicali

Our Mexicali, Mexico-based manufacturing enterprise is proudly staffed by some of the industry’s finest machinists and craftsmen. Through their expertise, hard work, and dedication, Vescio’s Mexicali CNC machine shop delivers equally unparalleled quality and consistency as our domestic manufacturing facilities.

Get in touch with our team of experts to discover what Vescio Manufacturing can bring to your unique commercial machining project.