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Precision Metal Grinding Services

Vescio Manufacturing offers the capability to execute your custom metal grinding projects with the quality and consistency that your precision products demand. Our full-service grinding department is equipped with a range of manual and CNC equipment capable of accommodating complex, close-tolerance surface and OD grinding operations.

Grinding Department Capabilities and Technology

At Vescio Manufacturing, our grinding department utilizes some of the industry’s most capable metalworking equipment to deliver close-tolerance consistency without compromise. We utilize an assortment of advanced CNC and manual grinder technology engineered by:

  • Okuma
  • Chevalier
  • Kellenberger
  • Sunnen

Cylindrical ID/OD Grinding Services

Inner diameter (ID) grinding and outer diameter (OD) grinding are two of the most common cylindrical grinding services throughout the commercial metalworking industry. As the names suggest, OD grinders machine the external surface of a workpiece, while ID grinders machine the workpiece’s inner surfaces. Performed in conjunction, ID/OD grinding services will finish both the surface of your metal products along with the interior geometry while maintaining precision geometrical tolerances.

Precision Surface Grinding Services

Surface grinding is an abrasive metal machining process which works a grinding wheel against the exterior of a workpiece to yield a smooth, consistent surface finish. In the case of Vescio Manufacturing’s precision surface grinding capabilities, the metal grinding operation is carefully controlled through CNC processes to maintain close-tolerance geometries down to thousandths of an inch.

Complete Custom Metal Grinding Solutions

Vescio provides versatile grinding services backed by superior quality control in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 standards. We offer specialized grinding operations for many unique industries, with leading expertise in the aviation, defense, automotive and medical sectors. Through 75+ years of innovative service within the precision metalworking industry, Vescio has evolved into one of the West Coast’s leading CNC grinding providers.

Get in touch with our team of machining experts to find out more about the precision close-tolerance capabilities offered through Vescio’s full-service CNC grinding department.