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What to Look For in a Commercial CNC Machine Shop

Choosing the best CNC machine shop for your commercial contract manufacturing project requires a careful consideration of the vendor’s experience, capabilities, and quality control processes.

Cost is certainly an important factor as well; however, don’t make the mistake of choosing your machining service provider based solely on the cheapest upfront price quote. You must also consider the long-term cost of your ongoing services, as well as the overall added value that an experienced custom machine shop can bring to your project.

3 Questions to Ensure You Receive the Best CNC Machining Services Possible

1. What Are Your Machine Shop’s Quality Certifications?

The first way to ensure you receive quality-backed, reliable CNC machining services is to choose a contract manufacturer that is certified to deliver. While virtually every vendor claims to offer exceptional quality, only certified providers have the proven credentials which guarantee results.

Vescio is an AS9100D certified machine shop serving some of the industry’s most challenging aerospace machining projects. Our company is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer ensuring quality and consistency at every step of production. Finally, Vescio is an ITAR Registered domestic manufacturer offering the utmost in reliability to today’s state-of-the-art defense industry.

2. Does Your Vendor Offer the Experience and Versatility You Need?

Theoretical capabilities are one thing – actual CNC machining experience is another. When choosing your next custom machine shop, it’s important to consider the actual manufacturing experience that each vendor brings to the table. Have they reliably served other customers in your industry? Do they have actual experience in making your type of products, or will there be a learning curve?

At Vescio, our company prides itself on our flexibility. We serve a diverse range of highly specialized industries including aerospace, defense, commercial manufacturing, and precision medical devices. We offer ample experience in machining some of the most difficult-to-produce parts and components demanded in today’s market.

3. Does Your Machine Shop Utilize the Most Capable CNC Technology?

Finally, it’s imperative that you choose a flexible CNC machine shop that offers all of the production technology your project requires. Otherwise you will have to shop around for multiple vendors, splitting up your project and complicating your supply chain.

Vescio is a single-source American manufacturer offering complete CNC machining services. Our capabilities include CNC milling and CNC turning, as well as Swiss screw machining and precision metal grinding. Our company is also one of the industry’s leading thread cutting specialists. As a final value-added service, we can provide custom kitting and turnkey assembly solutions to streamline your overall project.

Complete Custom CNC Machining Services for Your Precision Products

Vescio Manufacturing operates two full-service domestic machining facilities located in Santa Fe Springs, California, and Morton Grove, Illinois. We also combine the benefits of onshoring and nearshoring with a fully outfitted machine shop in Mexicali, Mexico. We offer all of the contract manufacturing capabilities required to tackle your project from start to finish, along with the quality certifications to back up our results.