In 1947, Los Angeles area with its manufacturing industry was entering a period of incredibly rapid growth, the effects of which can be seen in the sprawling metropolis that it is today. One of Los Angeles' many young, ambitious immigrants was Dick Vescio, hailing from Kentucky where most of the Vescio family still lives. He started Vescio Threading, as today's company was then known, in 1947 at a facility in Lynwood, California. In 1951, his brother Bob Vescio also moved from Kentucky and was hired part-time at Vescio Threading while he attended Compton community college and subsequently acquired an Engineering degree from UCLA. After spending time in the military and brief stints at other companies after graduation, Bob returned to Vescio Threading full time in the mid-50s, still in his twenties. Dick Vescio died in 1976 at the age of just 57, and Bob rose to the challenge of steering the company as its sole owner after his brother's passing.

Richard Vescio, Founder
Richard Vescio, Founder


 Gisholt Cridan B Threading Lathes
Manufactured in 1958
Gisholt Cridan B Threading Lathes Manufactured in 1958

During most of its history, until the early 90s Vescio Threading was a small, specialty threading shop. It had about a dozen employees, did not undergo rapid growth, and stuck to its niche market of cutting highly customized, difficult threads. This high-mix, low volume threading work was more common in those days because of a comparative lack of industry standards.

Before CNCs, Vescio Threading primarily used Cridan Type B threading lathes made by a long-extinct company called Gisholt. These amazing machines have stood the test of time and the company actually has three of them still in active service, cutting threads every day for over 60 years. As far as we know, we now sell more Cridan threading work than any other company in the US if not the world. Instead of electronics running programs, these machines rely on CAMs combined with a complicated set of gears and manual controls to do their work. They still retain relevance today because they are actually capable of doing something that almost no CNC can, for much cheaper than a CNC: Rework a thread. Vescio still gets oddball threading jobs for this purpose, but Cridans also perform threading sequences for our everyday CNC parts.


These machines (as well as the similarly aged XLO Thread Grinders) would have absolutely zero chance of being profitable in the modern world were it not for the expert machinists who run them. Vescio MFG prides itself on employee retention and the Cridan Machinists are the most senior employees of all save Bob himself. Our expert Cridan Machinists are:

Javier Preciado: Employee for 50 years, conducts repairs and maintenance on the Cridans. Recently retired after five decades of employment with Vescio, a company record!

Luis Preciado: Employee for 46 years who is now the lead of the entire Lathe department as well as the Classic Threading department

Jesus Perez: Employee for 44 years as a Cridan Machinist

Carlos Robles: Employee for 46 years as a Cridan Machinist

Neal Tingle


We believe that Vescio MFG's long history and manufacturing tradition is an important piece of what allows the company to be competitive today. The continued presence of the old machines, and the machinists who run them, stands in stark contrast to the state of the art modern CNCs which surround them on the shop floor, but it also allows one to see, in one place, the roots of the company and how it grew into what it is today. We are proud to have our legacy still be a part of us.